Exclusive Residential Maid Service Software

MaidEasy Software™ offers an exclusive Residential Maid Service Software. Developed specifically for Home Maid Cleaning Services, MaidEasy Software™ has been installed nationwide!

The developer still owns a maid service company that continues to test and modify the system. This hands-on approach has proven to be the most beneficial to our users in locations across the country.


  • Detailed Customer Information
  • Customer’s Calendars
  • Employee Time Off
  • Customer/Staff Scheduling
  • Marketing Lead Source Reports
  • Hourly/Commission Payroll Management
  • Invoicing/Receipts
  • Service Reports
  • Quality Control Log
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Payroll Proof/Generation Hourly/Percentage
  • Customized Work Orders


  • Phone & E-Mail Estimate System
  • Credit Card Approvals
  • Schedule Board/Develop Ahead View
  • Map of Customer Locations
  • Finalize Work Orders, Enter Employee Jobs, In/Out Times & automatically Calculate Payroll
  • E-Mail Customer Reminders
  • Print Reports to Word / Excel
  • Mail Merge to Market to Former Customers or Prospects
  • Tracking of Labor Costs
  • History of Customer Cleanings and Phone Calls
  • And much, much more!